Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) applies its range of engineering design and analysis services to projects for clients operating in many different sectors and markets, including:

  • Coastal Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Cruise
  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Defense


Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) applies most of its engineering services to Coastal Infrastructure projects, which include:

  • Shoreline protection/enhancement
  • Coastal roads and bridges
  • Navigation-related structures and waterways
  • Energy exploration and transport


Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) applies engineering analysis and design services to a wide range of Energy projects, including:

  • Exploration
  • Transport
  • Offshore wind
  • Wave and tidal current energy


Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) applies engineering analysis and design services to Cruise industry projects, which include:

  • Coastal and maritime analysis for new cruise terminal development
  • Design upgrades and repairs at existing terminals
  • Ship maneuvering, berthing and mooring, including passing ship hydrodynamic effects


Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) personnel perform engineering analyses and design to improve the Environment on projects located in coastal, estuarine and riverine settings. Expertise includes:

  • Living shoreline development
  • Bioengineered shoreline and stream bank protection
  • Oyster reef technology
  • Estuary restoration
  • Fish passage optimization
  • Floodplain reconnection


Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) projects involve many types of transportation, from safe and efficient commercial navigation to analysis for design of coastal bridges and tunnels. Experience includes:

  • Ferry terminals and marine highway systems
  • Bridges and causeways
  • Tunnels
  • Port development
  • Coastal pedestrian promenades


Coast & Harbor Engineering (CHE) experience on coastal, waterfront and navigation projects for the US Military includes the US Army Corps of Engineers, Navy and Coast Guard.  CHE’s Defense projects focus on:

  • Coastal engineering and coastal processes analysis
  • Maintenance, upgrade, and new coastal facilities
  • Vessel hydrodynamics, berthing, mooring, and maneuvering